Advanced Scuba

Chimo: The last truly fisherman village

This spectacular dive site lies about 26 miles along the southern coast of the Bay of Banderas. It is reserved for advanced divers only. Chimo has something very special to offer, besides marine life. Here the ocean floor has formed itself into to distinct and interesting formations: Torrecillas an undersea plateau about a quarter-mile in diameter.

The best place to encounter with Mantas!!!

From this mesa-like base, a series of separate pinnacles rise like trees striving upward to gain the light. Las Iglesias (the churches), is a line of columns that rises straight from the bed of the ocean, like the supports of some ancient sunken cathedral. Chimo has tremendous variety of sea life, mainly tropical species and probably the best encounters with Mantas.

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"Las Iglesias"

is located 1 mile off-shore and right in front of the iglesia’s rock, this is the furthest site we dive and one of the most challenging along with El Morro. The once tourist booze-cruise now lays underwater and serves as shelter for many spices that find protection from predators. Sunken in 2009 this 150 ft. boat is the perfect place to practice your kills.

Water Conditions

Jan - Jun 
Jul - Dec
U/W Visibility 
15 to 40 ft 
30 to 100 ft 
U/W Temperature 
68º to 75º F 
78º to 85º F 

Currents & Wind

Our Discounted prices do not include ground transportation, I will be glad to help you with directions and recommend the least expensive and best way to meet us at Chico's Dive Shop downtown and/or Mismaloya Beach.
The dive boat leaves at 10am from Chico's Dive Shop downtown and 11am from Mismaloya Beach. The dive boat leaves at 10am from Chico's Dive Shop downtown and 11am from Mismaloya Beach.
If you are running late for the 10am departure, you will need to continue to Mismaloya Beach in order to catch the 11am dive boat. Please check in at least 30 minutes before the departure time since we need to register and try out dive gear before to embark.
Arrivals from the Underwater Reserve tours 3pm to 3.30pm Arrivals from Pacific Ocean Dive Expeditions 4pm to 4.30pm The return point will be the same as departure if weather permits; other wise Chico's Dive Shop will pick the safest nearby disembark zone (Los Muertos Pier or Marina Vallarta) Chico's Dive Shop does not compensate for ground transportation.

Scuba divers

If you are new in scuba diving, have not scuba dive in the last 10 months, are a heavy breather, have problems equalizing, feel unsafe or any other issue that may be of importance; talk to the Dive Master and let him know,this will help to increase your safety and find you the right dive team. As a diver you recognize the risks involved and take responsibility for your own actions.
Be a responsible diver and dive within the limits of your own knowledge. Please manage your equipment and personal gear as compactly as possible so that you do not block walk ways or entry and exit points of the boat.
Do not scuba dive if you are flying the same day, allow at least 12 hrs after your last dive Chico's offers two options: the shallow dive and the advanced dive off the same boat 700 psi is the minimum pressure your gauge should read at the end of your dive Residual alcohol in your system is unacceptable and you will be denied to SCUBA Decompression dives are not allowed… 2nd dive will be automatically denied.
Allow at least 24 hrs before flying if you had engaged in multi-day diving Do not dive if you are pregnant Solo diving is not permitted Dive Master will approach everyone and ask about your past diving experience, this vital information will help organize the dive teams according to level of experience.

- The Dive Master will be ask to surrender your c-cards and will be returned after the second dive is done. - The Dive Master is allowed to abort the dive due to weather conditions or other safety related issues. - The Dive Master is there to provide a safe dive plan, underwater guidance and diver assistance. - The Dive Master will go through some hand signals and present the dive plan for the day. - The Dive Master is unaware of your level of experience and physical capabilities. - The Dive Master will make sure your equipment is in good working conditions. - The Dive Master is an underwater guide capable to assist you in many ways. - The Dive Master guides 3 pairs of divers in the buddy system uddy.


DM Master will approach you to learn as much as possible about your past snorkeling experience(s), make sure your equipment is in good working conditions, assign you a snorkel buddy, go through some hand signals and present the snorkeling area for the day.
Do not snorkel alone, stay close to a group or buddy up with someone else, do not climb on the rocks; they are covered with sharp shell fish and barnacles. Do not walk with fins on, put on your fins at the edge of the boat.
Keep an eye on the equipment at all times, you will be asked to return the rental equipment at the end of the day. The use of a life jacket is mandatory while snorkeling; this is a Harbor Master regulation.
The equipment does not float, if you lose some of the equipment, please let us know and we will try to recover it for you. Lost or damage to equipment is not included in the price.

Best Months July - Nov

  • Departure: Downtown at  9.30 am. Be at the Dive Shop at 8.30
  • Return: Between 3.00 pm - 4.00 pm
  • Cruising Time: 75 min.
  • Boat: 25 ft mono hull powered by 110 hp. 4 stroke Yamaha
  • All safety regulations including Oxygen, first aid kit, life jackets.
  • English Spoken Dive Masters
  • Radio and on-board
  • No Scheduled Departures - Booking Required