Dive All morning!

So, if a half day tour is on your mind, join us on board.

Join your friends or family on one of our rides to our Diving Platform. Drop by our Downtown office and take a quick boat ride to "Los Arcos! where Scuba and Snorkeling gear will be available or you can arrive on your own boat! Every one is welcome on board.

Didn't´t wake up on time? You still have all morning to come on board

Feature scuba diver
Snorkel - Passenger
All gear - Bottled Water - Power Bars
$75 usd
1 Tank Dive
All gear - Bottled Water - Power Bars
$78 usd
2 Tank Dive
All gear - Bottled Water - Power Bars


  • Daily Departures / 9:00 - 11:00 - 13:00 hrs.
  • 46´ ft. Catamaran with bathroom
  • Spacious area for seating and shade
  • Snorkeling and Snorkeling Gear
  • Fruit, Power-bars and bottled fresh water
  • Ride with us from Downtown or Arrive on your own
  • Dive Masters and On-board Staff

Take Only Photos - Leave Only Bubbles

Nearly everything natural found underwater is alive or will be used by a living creature. If you take a coral, shell or animal, you can disturb the delicate balance.

Protect Underwater Life

Choose not to touch, feed, handle, chase or ride anything underwater. Your actions may stress the animal, interrupt feeding and mating behavior.

Be a Buoyancy Expert

Underwater plants and animals are more fragile than they appear.

Become a Debris Activist

Don't let your dives go to waste. Remove and report what doesn't belong underwater every time you dive.